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Stocks [Read]

This report tracks performance of stocks across the past five years and currently supports the DOW-30 and a few additional stocks.

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Politics [Read]

This report tracks performance of politicians and currently supports the most recently two Houses in the US Congress.

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Mortality [Read]

This report tracks excess and COVID-19 mortality across OECD nations.

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Date Title Links
2022-02-16 What To Know About CryptoCurrency [Read]
We provide a quick overview of cryptocurrency mechanics, from coins to tokens to deeds.


Date Title Links
2022-03-25 Shape Types Have Operations [Read]
We explore the idea of encoding types as digital images by exploring how the operations on shape types map to transforms on digital images.
2022-02-28 CryptoBars: An Approach to Stable Wartime Currency [Read]
We explore how cryptocurrency can be "minted" into physical form and "melted" back into digital funds, within several different contexts.
2021-12-07 Shape Types as Digital Images [Read]
We introduce the idea of encoding types as digital images of their semantic diagrams by introducing the example of shape types.

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