The Power Monkey Ideal

“Live your best life.”

Okay. How?

At Space Power Monkey we explore that question: what does it mean to live your best life?

We can’t tell you the answer for your own life, but we can help you explore your answer:

  • Through tools to manage your life, letting you focus on what matters.
  • Through representation and advocacy work, letting you relax and enjoy life – while still holding service providers accountable.

We call this a “power monkey”: someone who uses the right tools to get more done and live a more purposeful, more fulfilling life. A power-user at life.

Our Mission

SPC Power Monkey, Ltd is a social purpose corporation in Bremerton, WA. Our mission is to through advocacy, representation, and technology help people live a better life.

Our History

SpacePowerMonkey was founded in 2021 as a technology consultancy and research lab.

SpacePowerMonkey is a new effort in providing technology directly to the public on a per-project basis, cutting out many of the layers (and expenses) that typically accompany technical work – and keep the best tools and technologies locked away.